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Vegan Fusion Institute/Chef Mark Reinfeld Event Release Form & Cancellation Policy

By signing this page, I agree and acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in a Vegan Fusion Institute/Chef Mark Reinfeld event. No amount of care, caution, or supervision can eliminate all risks involved in working in a kitchen. Sharp knives, hot surfaces and potentially slippery surfaces are an inherent part of kitchen work.

If I am attending a virtual program, I acknowledge that there are inherent risks of loosing internet connectivity before or during the event that may prevent me from participating in realtime. In these instances, and because Chef Mark has no control over such instances, a recording of the class will be made available as soon as possible after the event concludes.

I freely accept these risks and assume all responsibility for injury or losses that may result from my participation in a Chef Mark Reinfeld event. I do further release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless Chef Mark Reinfeld Consulting LLC, its partners and staff, and the property owners and renters hosting the Chef Mark Reinfeld event from all liability that may arise from my participation.

I further grant Chef Mark Reinfeld LLC unlimited right to the use of photographic images and audio and/or video recordings of me while participating in a Chef Mark Reinfeld event, including such alterations, additions and/or editing as deemed necessary and appropriate by Chef Mark Reinfeld.

Decisions regarding the use and distribution of such images and recordings shall lie solely with Chef Mark Reinfeld. deemed necessary and appropriate by Chef Mark Reinfeld, in his sole discretion.

I hereby acknowledge the Chef Mark Reinfeld refund policy which states that payment in full is required to reserve a place in a Chef Mark Reinfeld event. Refund of any registration payments made (minus a $100 admin fee and minus any costs incurred by Chef Mark Reinfeld for student kit items purchased, if any) will be granted if an electronic course cancellation and refund request is submitted to Chef Mark Reinfeld at least thirty (30) days prior to the event. Refunds will be issued within fourteen (14) days of the request being received. No refunds of any registration payments made will be granted if a course cancellation notice is received, either electronically or via mail, by Chef Mark Reinfeld twenty-nine (29) days or less prior to the scheduled date of the event or after the event begins.

If I agreed to a payment plan, I acknowledge my responsibility to pay the agreed upon amount, regardless of whether I complete the course or not.