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4-Week Virtual Vegan Cooking Immersion

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Vegan Chef Training with Hall Of Fame Vegan Chef Mark Reinfeld

  • Earn 120 ACF Continuing Education Credit Hours
  • Get Personalized Mentorship in a Small Group Setting
  • Master Vegan and Raw Food Culinary Techniques

Join Chef Mark's 4-week virtual vegan cooking course challenge to enhance your vegan culinary skills and learn to prepare outstanding vegan dishes directly from a plant-based culinary expert.

This program offers a small group setting where you can get personalized attention and learn the main vegan and raw food culinary techniques, recipe development, and specialized cooking like oil-free and gluten-free.

Guest instructors will also share their expertise on bread baking, pastry, plating, and the healing properties of food. The training is approved by the American Culinary Federation and provides 120 continuing education credit hours.

Perfect for those who want to improve their vegan cooking abilities without committing to a full-time culinary school.

“I give the 4-Week Vegan Chef Challenge a 5-star rating, hands down. It was seriously a life-changing experience!” -Tom Salter

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What It’s All About

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Hall Of Fame Vegan Chef Mark Reinfeld

Unleash Your Inner Chef with Personal Training with Chef Mark

Elevate your vegan culinary skills in just 4 weeks with Chef Mark's 1-on-1 training. With a small group setting and personalized guidance, you'll gain the tools and skills to succeed in the vegan kitchen.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this training will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and help you pursue your culinary passion. Ready to take your skills to the next level? Join the Vegan Chef Course Challenge today.

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Approved by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation (ACFEF) for 120 credit hours toward the initial or recertification application for ACF certification.

All Sessions Are Recorded For Future Viewing.

Get Personalized Coaching From Chef Mark With 1-on-1 Calls Included During And After The Training.

Payment Plans Available

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Next 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion
begins August 19, 2024

11:00 am - 3:00 pm Mountain Time


Per person includes comprehensive chef training manual, student kit with chef knife, apron, food plating tools, cookbooks and more.


Payment Plans Available -
All classes recorded via zoom and available for future viewing

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Create a Sustainable Future for Humanity by Learning the Art of Plant-Based Cuisine - for Our Health, the Planet, and a More Peaceful World.
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What People Are Saying

“I give the 4-Week Vegan Chef Challenge a 5-star rating, hands down. It was seriously a life-changing experience! Chef Mark's approach to teaching whole-food plant-based living is totally one-of-a-kind and super valuable. If you're looking for a comprehensive and accepting course on plant-based cuisine, I highly recommend this program. You'll not only learn how to make delicious and healthy meals, but also gain a greater appreciation for the impact your food choices have on your health and the world around us. Chef Mark is amazing! He's got so much passion and knowledge about what he does, and it really comes through in his teaching. The course materials were fantastic and gave us everything we needed to learn about a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. And the food, oh man, it was delicious! I'm not exactly a whiz in the kitchen, but the recipes were super easy to follow and the results were just incredible. Even my non-vegan friends and family loved the meals. They couldn't even tell that I didn't use any animal products! Thank you so much to Chef Mark and the Vegan Fusion for offering such an incredible course. I feel empowered to make better choices for myself and my family, and I'm excited to keep this journey going.”

Tom S. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

'If you have ever wanted to improve your culinary abilities, creativity and knowledge, look no further than Chef Mark's 4-week training. Chef Mark provides unparalleled resources to help you succeed in whatever goals you have in the kitchen. This class is approachable to those committed to the plant-based lifestyle, as well as those who are curious about crafting more plant-forward meals and curious about the nutritional benefits and concerns with a plant-based diet. Each day takes a deep dive into a different element or cuisine, allowing for immersion and deep study of a multitude of different topics. Chef Mark takes the time and care to ensure every student gets what they need from the course and enjoys the process.."

Alli A. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“I love to cook and enjoy being creative in the kitchen. Food and nutrition are also the main components of my profession. As a newly registered dietitian, the 4-Week Vegan Cooking Challenge with Chef Reinfeld was one of the best investments I could have made starting my new journey. Mark was very thorough, patient, and kind in his teaching. He created a comfortable and relaxing learning environment which I greatly appreciated. Each day was an adventure that consisted of learning something new and eating flavorful and culturally diverse dishes from the comfort of my own kitchen. I learned so many different flavor profiles and helpful techniques that I have already begun to incorporate into my meals. The guest speaker and guest culinary instructors were also incredible. This was a very inspirational and exciting experience that helped to increase my confidence with cooking vegan meals and expand on my kitchen skills. The information I learned and the skills I attained are invaluable and will help me to better serve my future patients through culinary medicine. I highly recommend this training and look forward to taking more of Chef Mark's courses in the future. It was truly an honor and privilege to work with an award-winning and legendary Chef! Thanks again Chef Reinfeld!"

Fatima. Z.,MPH, RDN - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“I was on the fence about joining because I was worried about the time, money and if I would overall be able to commit with other life factors also taking place. If anyone else is having those same thoughts and feelings -- just go for it, you will not regret the experience. Chef Mark is so welcoming and flexible in every aspect of the course which makes for a productive learning environment and the best part is, you get to do it all from the comfort of your own kitchen. I did not want it to end by the fourth-week!”

Haley M. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

"I highly recommend Chef Mark Reinfeld's 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion to anyone wanting to improve their health through diet. After having taken a plant-based coaching certification through Food Revolution Network, this course bolstered my confidence in helping others to transition into a plant based diet with delicious foods. Each day, this program offered a detailed lesson on different cooking methods or meal themes. I learned to break down a recipe into a template which allowed me to replace missing ingredients, to understand the purpose of each ingredient in the recipe, and to make infinite amounts of meals from the same recipe."

Victoria K . - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

Chef Mark's 4-week online vegan cooking course is simply amazing! Fun, interesting, thorough, it took my vegan cooking skills to a whole new level. The guest lecturers were awesome as well, and so was the small community of students with whom I was fortunate to share the course. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in vegan cooking. I'm giving it 5 out of 5 stars!

Anna C. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“Thank you so much for making this class available to the world—for all of the effort you have poured into designing the course, for covering/providing so much learning material and a very broad spectrum of topics. The fact that you genuinely cared for each student and were so patient and gracious with each one of us as we tried our best to remember culinary terms, better our knife skills and all of the techniques—it was just a lovely environment to cook in each day and I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of it! Thank you!!!!”

Hope W. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“After working in the corporate world for 25 years, I decided to leave my job and pursue something I am passionate about: sharing vegan food with my family, friends and beyond! When I started this training, my hope was to get some inspiration about what I might want to do next. It proved to give me clarity, confidence, and so much more! The training exceeded my expectations. The taste of the food was exceptional: Chef Mark has a way of combining simple, everyday ingredients that makes a dish taste next level! I felt like I was dining at a high-end restaurant, and it was me who had prepared the food! I am excited for what lies ahead, and by taking this training Chef Mark has played a critical role in my journey!”

Monika S. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“The class was a wonderful experience that covered a broad range of topics. I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain knowledge in vegan cooking or further their knowledge and skills.”

Alicia T. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“You wish all the online courses you took during the pandemic were as good as this! Chef Mark's vegan cooking challenge is a month-long concentration of 30 years of experience and passion for plant-based food and lifestyle. It's also a conversation around culture, ethics, and history where high-qualified teachers and students bring their knowledge into the pot to benefit all! Whether you're building towards a professional culinary path or personal growth, this course is worth every penny!”

Oceanne H. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

"Chef Mark offers an epic plant-based cooking experience. His endless patience and heart of gold create a fun and informative journey that dives deep into the world of plant-based cooking. From making ethnic favorites to veganizing staples, it's a wild ride and you'll learn a LOT!"

Kasia K. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant

“The 4-week Vegan Chef Challenge far exceeded my expectations! Going into the program I had an appreciation and motivation for eating a plant-based diet. At the conclusion of the program I was inspired to create delicious, satisfying dishes that will convince others of what I already knew about this diet. I gained confidence in the kitchen through using new tools and techniques (and refining some techniques I didn't have quite right), as well as by learning how to create my own recipes. The small class size was key to my success. With the virtual platform the small class size allowed for Chef Mark to extend individual attention while keeping the entire class moving forward. On a personal note, Chef Mark was patient, encouraging, and added a touch of humor to every class. He also invited feedback real-time, and where possible he took measures to incorporate the feedback as soon as the next class. Finally, I was grateful for the 1:1 sessions where Chef Mark talked with me about my ambitions for leveraging my enhanced culinary skill set. He is intent on his students succeeding, which is truly icing on the vegan cake! I am excited to build on all that I learned in this incredibly valuable program!”

Beth P. - 4-Week Vegan Cooking Immersion Participant