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One on One Coaching & Culinary Training with Chef Mark

Do you want to pursue your plant-based culinary education and explore options for how to best utilize your passion and skills in the vegan culinary world?

Are you looking for more individualized attention than a typical class entails or is your schedule so packed that you want the flexibility that one-on-one training provides.

Send us a note and let us know what you are looking to accomplish to see if one-on-one coaching and culinary training with Chef Mark is a good fit for you.


Two Hours of Coaching - $495

Four Hours of Coaching - $949

Book 2 Hours of CoachingBook 4 Hours of Coaching

What People are Saying

“Mark is a gifted chef and teacher of overall wellness. I was excited to enroll in his 10 day Vegan Fusion Immersion Program and 3 day teacher certification class and left with a feeling of transcendence, renewed self-confidence, and direction. His recipes are amazing, his presence solid, and his passion for making this world a peaceful healthy place to live is steadfast and obvious.”
— C.H. - Workshop Participant

“Mark's expertise in the kitchen and the design of this course is outstanding. Equally important to note is the level of generosity and desire to meet everyone where they are that Mark expresses in his kind, humorous way. To me this is the most powerful inspiration for change in the world. I know that my kitchen skills have improved and so has my everyday choices of how to consume and be a better humanitarian.”
- H.L.- Workshop Participant

“Mark is a fabulous instructor and chef. His relaxed style is very conducive to learning. He covers a wide array of recipes from all over the world. I've taken both the 10-day chef training and the holiday workshop. I would highly recommend any of his trainings - and cookbooks!”
— E.S. - Workshop Participant

“I’m a food lover and I love to cook. Mark’s course was a real revelation. Being a meat eater, I had always dismissed vegetarian cooking as pretty bland – Mark proved that it needn’t be. He has some fascinating methods that turn the most normal of ingredients into something special. I can highly recommend his course and being his sous-chef too – great fun!”
- M.G. - Workshop Participant

“Having been a professional chef on luxury yachts for the last eight years, I felt pretty comfortable preparing food for most cuisines and dietary restrictions, and thought this would be a fun way to get a few more recipes under my belt. This class was so much more, with a cloud sized dollop of inspiration on top! I learned so many helpful techniques and flavor combinations that I have already started creating recipes and writing my own vegan cookbook. I can not say enough about Mark's kind and thorough teaching or my awesome classmates. Learning, laughing, eating, cooking, coming together and sharing - I'm tempted to do the class again, just for kicks!”
— N.P. - Workshop Participant

A vegan foodie’s dream! The 10 day course is a perfect opportunity to dive deep into the world of vegan cuisine. When in the kitchen I now have a calm sense of confidence that I can easily create a satisfying and delicious meal. Mark has an amazing ability to address and challenge all skill levels in the class. It was stress free, fun, beautiful experience that I recommend to everyone.
- G. M. - Workshop Participant