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What type of kitchen experience do I need in order to attend one of the workshops, immersions or retreats?
No prior kitchen experience is required. All skill levels are welcome. The workshops and trainings are geared towards people with little kitchen experience up to trained chefs who are unfamiliar with vegan and raw food cuisine.

How do I pay for the event?
Please go to and click on the ‘send money’ link. Once there, simply enter the cost of the event and send to **info**@**veganfusion**.com**(Please remove the asterix to use). You do not need a paypal account to send money. You will receive an instant confirmation from paypal once the transaction is complete. We will send you a welcome email with more details about the event, including the address, once payment is received.

Is accommodation included in the price of the event?
Unless otherwise noted, our price does not include accommodation. We recommend checking out the following websites for the best prices on accommodations. Air B&B;;;,

What do I need to bring to the event?

Please bring a chefs knife and something to write with. For knives, we like the ceramic ones. Kyocera is a good brand. The 5 1/2 inch santoku style is popular.
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Will I be fed at the event?

Yes! We always provide plenty of food to our participants. It is best not to arrive to an event hungry, as it can take up to an hour or an hour and a half before we have our first meal/tasting.

How many people do your recipes feed?

The recipes are for 4-8 people in general. You can certainly multiply them for larger groups.

Can you accommodate those with allergies or special diet restrictions?

Yes, we make every effort to accommodate various diet restrictions including allergies to gluten, soy, nuts etc.

Are gluten products used during the workshops?

The trainings are almost completely gluten free. There are a couple of recipes with seitan/filo dough, other than that everything can be adapted to gluten free. There are some recipes in the 10 day training that have gluten, but we always make replacements when necessary for folks.

Do you offer any certificates?

We offer a certificate of completion as Vegan Fusion Chef for the 10 Day course, and we offer an advanced teacher training as well with another certificate. We are still in the process of offering additional certification. There is more information on the website on the teacher training page.

Can you tell me more about the Teacher Training Program?

After the teacher training, you will grow more confident in your ability to teach a vegan cooking class. It does help a bit in becoming a private chef as we go over creating menus and efficient shopping list. Though the focus is definitely on improving your ability and confidence in conducting classes. With the level two there is no commitment to teach vegan fusion classes or workshops.

Level three entails more direct one on one working with us to become an actual Vegan Fusion certified trainer. The typical next step would be for you to take the assistant position for a 10-day training. We would work together until both of us were confident that you could represent Vegan Fusion. This can extend into private chef services as well.

What is your refund policy?

Our classes are deliberately kept small and are tailored to meeting individual needs. Our refund policy reflects this. Payment in full is required to secure a spot at an event. In some circumstances, a payment plan is accepted.

Refunds We will offer a 100% refund with more than 90 days notice before the event, 75% refund within 90 days of the event, and a 50% refund within 60 days of the event, minus an administration fee (see below) and any bank service charges, provided we can refill your place in the event. The more notice that is given before the actual day of the event, the more likely it is that we can refill the space. In some instances, if notice of cancellation is given close to the date of an event, a discounted rate may be offered in an effort to refill the spot. In that instance, the person canceling will receive the discounted rate for their refund.  No refunds will be offered within 30 days of an event (no refunds for Level 5 or Apprentice Program).

Exchanges: if you would like to switch venues once you have registered for an event, we will honor your request, and charge an administrative fee (see below), provided we can refill your place in the event. The more notice that is given before the actual day of the event, the more likely it is that we can refill your place. No exchanges will be offered within 30 days of an event.

Administrative Fees:

Refunds: All refunds are subject to the following administrative fees: 10-Day Immersions – $150; 5-Day Immersion – $100; Teacher Training – $100; 2-Day workshop – $30; 3-Day workshop- $50; Vegan Culinary Tours and Retreats – 10% of total cost.

Exchanges: All exchanges are subject to the following administrative fees: 10-Day Immersions – $150; 5-Day Immersion – $100; Teacher Training – $100; 2-Day workshop – $30; 3-Day workshop — $50;Vegan Culinary Tours and Retreats – 5% of total cost.

If you purchased your class on CourseHorse, our cancellation policy applies to your purchase. If you need help canceling or have any questions, please visit CourseHorse ( contact-us).

Please email with any questions about our refund policy.

Do you offer reduced tuition positions?

Yes! We offer an assistant and a dishwasher position for each event.

The assistant helps shop for a few hours the day before each week of the class. They arrive approximately two hours before class each day to set up for the class. They also help by taking photos with our digital camera. Other than that, they participate the same way as the other students.

The dishwasher arrives about one hour before each class to help with set up. They assist with dishes during the course and are usually done within an hour of the class ending. Other people will also help with the dishes, though the dishwasher is the main facilitator of the dishes. The dishwasher receives a training manual, participates in the meals, and is there for all of the lessons. They do not prep ingredients or create the recipes the way the full paying students do. They may be asked to do some prep/recipe creation.

Special Promotions
I booked my spot in a course at full price and now I notice that you are running a discount. Can you apply the discounted rate and refund me the difference?
Occasionally we offer discounts on our courses for a set period of time at certain times of the year to help fill classes. The discounted rates are only available for the dates listed in the promotional period. Thank you for understanding this policy.