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Vegan Survivor – Can You Survive The Vegan Challenge?

The Vegan Survivor program, helping people capture all the key elements for health, nutrition, weight loss, and bang-on

Vegan Fusion Recommended Kitchen Gear

Suddenly taking an interest in cooking knock-out vegan recipes but currently have a bare-bones kitchen?  Well we know where

Why Vegan? Top Seven Reasons



Vegan is a diet and lifestyle that is free of animal-products. The vegan diet is plant-based. You

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s 30 Day Vegan Challenge

We want to tell you about a fantastic resource for you no matter what stage you are at in

The Gathering of the Vegans

It’s almost hard to keep up with all the vegan gatherings taking place across the country, in big cities

Healthy Eating Tips: At Home and On The Go

A conundrum of healthy eaters and dieters everywhere: how to stick to their healthy food choices when on the

Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup Recipe for Chinese New Year

Hot and Sour Soup

Recipe courtesy of Soup’s On!: More than 100 Easy Recipes for Every Season, which you can

We Will Rock You Three- Layered Nachos Recipe

No Superbowl party would be complete without some amazing vegan nachos. Well, any party for that matter. These nachos

The Correlation Between Diabetes and Diet

The earmarks for a correlation between a plant-based diet and reduced risk of diabetes are solidly stacking up, and

Lavender-Infused Cocoa-Dusted Truffles Recipe

Yes, the relaxation-inducing herb of spas and wellness centers has innovative applications in the culinary world. Here it is