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Eat, Sail, Love

Sailing and fishing is one of those combos that goes hand in hand, however, there isn’t any fishing or

Choose vegan for metabolism

As the new year is here, there will undoubtedly be a new round of resolutions to lose a few

Israeli Army Goes Vegan

In a nod to Israel’s growing and dedicated vegan population, currently at 5% and reportedly growing, the Israeli army

Vegan for Longer Life

Is a vegan diet and lifestyle a sensible prescription for long life?

One recent large study’s results, published in the

Vegan Fountain of Youth

Multitudes of vegans have heard, upon revealing their age, ‘But I thought you were so much younger!’

Two often-cited and

Vegan Alternatives to X-Mas Turkey with Lentil Walnut Loaf & Gravy Recipes‏

On the heels of the American and Canadian Thanksgiving holiday festivities, Christmas dinner too can be a cruelty-free celebration,

Blueberry Blintzes for the Holidays

Blueberry Blintzes
This dish evokes many childhood memories of when we would lovingly defrost the frozen blintzes with great fanfare

Holistic Holiday at Sea

Did you ever fancy an all-inclusive getaway with an educational component, where you don’t have to check menus or

Opportunity to open a vegan restaurant at a wellness center: Sanjevani

Attention Vegan Fusion Students and those interested in implementing a Vegan Fusion style menu offering.

Calling all plant-based chefs and

Come Say Hello at a Whole Foods Market in the Washington, DC Area

I am so pleased to be counting down to a visit to the Washington DC area during which I