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Why Vegan

Vegan Fusion In The News

  • Mark Reinfeld Vegan Chef and Cookbook Author

News Media: Local Author Takes Vegan Message To The Masses

Leave it to a Boulder resident to try to bring vegan into vogue. Mark Reinfeld, an award-winning chef and author...


  • Hana Hou Hawaiian Airlines Magazine Article about Mark Reinfeld

News Media: The Cutting Edge of Veg

Julie Steele of Hawaiian Airlines magazine reviews the many delights of Mark Reinfeld's Vegan Fusion World Cuisine.


  • Going Green with Vegan Cuisine

News: Going Green with Vegan Cuisine

Going Green with Vegan Cuisine - A UN report entitled “Livestock’s Long Shadow” indicates that livestock production contributes to more greenhouse gasses than the entire world’s transportation industry combined. That’s a lot of gas! In addition to the global warming angle, there is a convincing case for switching to plant-based foods when you consider the following...


  • Mark Reinfeld Vegan Cooking Classes in Amsterdam

News Media: Mark Reinfeld Founder Of The Blossoming Lotus Restaurant

Recognition for Mark Reinfeld’s vegan fusion restaurant, The Blossoming Lotus

Best Restaurant on Kauai: The Blossoming Lotus Wins Prestigious ‘ILIMA Award

  • Our Island Food Article Jan 2011

News Media: What’s ‘Nirvana’ Food for Vegan Chef Mark Reinfeld of Kaua’i?

What’s ‘Nirvana’ Food for Vegan Chef Mark Reinfeld of Kaua’i? A humble “monk’s bowl”: a grain, a green, a protein dressed with a blend of flax or hemp oil, nutritional yeast (flaked or powdered deactivted yeast — cheesy, nutty, high-protein) and wheat-free temari (a type of soy sauce).

  • vegan-vegetarian-raw-food-articles-b

News: Vegetarianism All The Rage In MMA

When Jon Fitch signed his first contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2005, the former Purdue University wrestling captain could suddenly afford to eat whatever he wanted...