Chef and author Mark Reinfeld offers training courses that specialize in vegan cooking, raw food preparation, gluten free and plant based diets.

Whether you are looking for a new stream of revenue, interested in doing outreach in your community, or both, please consider joining the Vegan Fusion Advanced Training course.

In this 3 day advanced training, we will go over a variety of advanced topics in the following categories – Dishes and Techniques, Planning/Style/Presentation, and Alternative/Ingredient Making.

This special 3-day curriculum will be finalized based on requests of attending students. Topics may include:

Dishes and techniques 

  • juicing
  • raw, low fat raw
  • fermentation
  • dehydration
  • sprouting
  • pressure cooker use
  • baking
  • dessert / raw dessert / homemade frozen treats/no sugar desserts/making chocolate
  • easy, everyday, quick meals – substantial in 30 mins or less
  • low or absent: Soy, gluten, nightshades, onion/garlic, sugar, salt, oil, nuts
  • substitution recipes (grain sausage, tofu eggs, dairy) 
  • recipes for low inflammation
  • cheeses, fermented nut cheeses
  • healthy chips
  • sauces, both basic and advanced flavor profiling
  • vegan condiments
Planning, style, and presentation
  • principles and practice of food presentation for vegan dishes/creative presentation
  • everyday meal planning
  • gourmet, multi-course meal planning
  • how to cook complex recipes
  • recipe creation and development
  • putting on a vegan or raw buffet
  • putting on a dinner party esp. appetizers 
  • rounding out each meal
  • planning weekly menus
  • holiday recipes
  • recipes from other cultures
Alternative and misc, ingredient making
  • nutrition
  • healthy approaches for preventing chronic disease
  • new things in the vegan cooking world
  • vegan paleo
  • calcium and plant protein for osteopenia and osteoporosis. 
  • comparative cooking: knowing when to use tempeh, tofu or seitan for example 
  • vegan for non vegans, entertaining non vegans
  • prepping travel food
  • making stock
  • making healthy whole grain flours
  • making spice blends
  • knife techniques
  • composting
  • molecular gastronomy
  • business side: bookkeeping, selling goods, marketing yourself