An article featuring Mark Reinfeld by Rebecca Leffler.

“I’m very angry at Mark Reinfeld. The now famous chef taught me how to make a sauce back in Paris a few months ago and now I can’t stop eating it. It’s so simple, yet so good. Just mix coconut milk with maple syrup, tamari, cilantro and almond butter and anything you are eating will taste exquisitely delicious.

Vegan Fusion Carrot Soup

During Mark’s cooking classes in Paris, he taught us how to make a raw carrot soup. Raw carrot soup? Yes, that does sound a tasteless meal meant for a rabbit. However, Mark’s twist on the average carrot is absolutely delicious. While my version is never quite as good – or as good-looking – as when made by the hands of Mark, my twist on his twist on carrot soup is, if I may say so moi-self, divine.”

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