Chef Mark Reinfeld’s Online Vegan Teacher Training

Looking to teach others about the benefits of a plant-based diet? Want to demonstrate how easy it is to prepare healthy, delicious meals? We believe education is the best way to effectively encourage change in our communities and to provide the necessary resources and support for success!

Our online teacher training is based on the live workshops we’ve offered around the world for many years. We are excited to now offer this online course that is accessible to anyone at any time, and in a format that allows you to progress and complete at your own pace.

The course is designed for anyone looking to add plant-based culinary education to their skills and services. The training is an opportunity for health coaches, nutrition consultants, and culinary instructors to add to their existing educational offerings. Chefs and cooks can add a new revenue stream to their careers outside of a restaurant environment. For community educators and activists, it is a way to promote a plant-based lifestyle by offering classes and cooking demonstrations to the community at veg fests, community events, and education centers.

Course Details

This comprehensive training covers everything you need to plan an interactive cooking class from start to finish. Information is presented through instructional videos and downloadable documents with information and instructions for each lesson.

Topics include:

  • Menu creation
  • Building a shopping list
  • Presentation skills
  • Talking points and questions
  • Facilitating student interaction

Course format:

  • Part 1: Prepare the menu and shopping list
  • Part 2: Conducting a cooking class
  • Part 3: Final Exam
  • Part 4: Official certification

You will be invited to a private Facebook group with other participants from around the world where you can share your goals, questions, photos, and successes or challenges.

As a member of our online community, you will also receive discount pricing on other events and courses from Vegan Fusion!

Once you complete our online vegan teacher training, you will receive an official certificate and badge to put on your website or resume. You will then be able to enroll in our highest level of certification program and can begin to host your own Vegan Fusion events in your community.

“The teacher training course was fantastic! We learned everything we would need to organize and present a cooking class. I feel very confident that I could teach vegan cooking to either a few friends or a class of strangers in a relaxed and friendly way.” – Susan H.

Get Started!

Registration for our online vegan teacher training is $199. We are offering a special introductory price of $149 for our first 100 participants. Use promo code FIRST100 at checkout. For more information or questions, email