Please join chef and author Mark Reinfeld for his 2 day holiday feast workshop, specializing in the many health benefits of vegan cooking, raw food preparation, gluten free and plant based diets for the holidays.

This workshop will be in Lafayette, CO on October 14th and 15th, 2017.

Our 2 day cooking workshops teach you the basics of vegan and raw food cuisine preparation from award-winning author and Vegetarian Hall of Fame Inductee Chef, Mark Reinfeld.


A sample of our gluten-free vegan and raw food menu includes:

Day One
Herbed Polenta Triangles with Pesto
Raw Creamy Brazil Nut Soup
Walnut Crusted Tofu with Golden Gravy
Cheezy Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Cranberry Relish
Chocolate Fondue
Raw Holiday Elixir

Day Two
Raw Nachos
Roasted Squash Soup
Holiday Pate Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Wild Rice Pilaf
Organic Mixed Greens with Hazelnut Vinaigrette
Raw Pecan Pie
Holiday Nog

Cost is $300/person and includes Vegan Fusion recipes and daily gourmet feasts.