We would like to offer you simple solutions on how to make delicious and nutritious plant-based meals and how to incorporate health promoting practices into your busy life. Join us for an intimate weekend gathering as we explore healthy cooking, nutrition, and naturopathic self care – an experience that will stay with you and will continue to provide benefits for the rest of your life.


For just 3 days of your time on March 3rd-5th in Denver, CO, you will be empowered by….

  • A better understanding of the benefits of immune supportive foods.
  • Learning how to prepare delicious vegan recipes that will nourish you and impress your friends and family.
  • Meeting others with a similar interest in health and healing.
  • Experiencing greater creativity and confidence in the kitchen.
  • Receiving recommendations on self care practices, herbs and supplements for the winter season.
  • Getting all of your questions answered by a knowledgeable Naturopathic doctor.

Chef Mark is a widely acclaimed and multi-award winning chef and author of seven books, including the best selling 30 Minute Vegan series and his latest book, Healing the Vegan Way. And Ashley is a Naturopathic doctor trained in Primary Care Medicine. As a Naturopathic Doctor, she is committed to promoting a connection to nature as a pathway to healing. She is passionate about the philosophies of naturopathy and has always had a passion for wellness and nutrition. The two of them are joining forces for the first time ever to introduce you to the future of food and medicine.

Total Value: $1,075

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