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Eat, Sail, Love

Sailing and fishing is one of those combos that goes hand in hand, however, there isn’t any fishing or fish consumption aboard Captain Dave’s vessel – the BelAmi (Mi Amor), a 53 foot world class sailing yacht traversing through the Virgin Islands on solar and wind power.

Instead, Vegan Sailing provides a healthy whole foods

Choose vegan for metabolism

As the new year is here, there will undoubtedly be a new round of resolutions to lose a few extra pounds that may have accumulated in 2014, or always been there.

There is a rumor out there that vegans are all skinny, and this is not precisely true. On the whole, people on vegan diets

Israeli Army Goes Vegan

In a nod to Israel’s growing and dedicated vegan population, currently at 5% and reportedly growing, the Israeli army has gone a step further to support the choices of vegan soldiers and ensure their well being during their service.

Vegan berets, absent wool, and non-leather boots were already available to those soldiers eschewing animal products,

Vegan for Longer Life

Is a vegan diet and lifestyle a sensible prescription for long life?

One recent large study’s results, published in the Journal of the American Medicine Association, says, sure thing, to the tune of 15% greater chance for longer life for vegans, and lesser chances for vegetarians, and pescaterians, and semi-vegetarians respectively.

The study, at Loma Linda

Kasha Varnishkes for the Holidays

Kasha Varnishkes

Kasha, or toasted buckwheat groats, is an ancient dish of Eastern European and Slavic origin. Kasha varnishkes, where the buckwheat is mixed with bowtie pasta and fresh minced herbs, was a staple of my childhood. You might be surprised to learn that buckwheat is actually a seed that is not related to wheat

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Vegan Fountain of Youth

Multitudes of vegans have heard, upon revealing their age, ‘But I thought you were so much younger!’

Two often-cited and proof-positive examples of this phenomenon are in their late 70s but appear to be not long out of college. Mimi Kirk, who at 76 looks no older than 50 and says she feels like she’s

Kauai, Hawaii 5 Day Vegan Fusion Culinary Immersion Taught by Lisa Parker. March 2, 2015.

Please join us in Kauai, Hawaii for a 5-day Vegan Fusion Cuisine immersion into the world of vegan cooking and raw food preparation. This class will be taught by Vegan Fusion Certified Teacher – Lisa Parker.

The dates are Mar 2nd – Mar 6th 2015.

Prepare to transform your life and take your cooking abilities to

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Vegan Alternatives to X-Mas Turkey with Lentil Walnut Loaf & Gravy Recipes‏

On the heels of the American and Canadian Thanksgiving holiday festivities, Christmas dinner too can be a cruelty-free celebration, with the substitution of a huge variety of alternatives to the turkey centerpiece that comes from a bird, or ham from a pig.

Many vegans and omnivores alike agree these holiday feasts are all about the

Blueberry Blintzes for the Holidays

Blueberry Blintzes
This dish evokes many childhood memories of when we would lovingly defrost the frozen blintzes with great fanfare and reheat them for a special meal. To make them from scratch, and to make them vegan, was a true revelation. Of Slavic origins, blintzes are part of Eastern Europe culinary traditions. Many fillings and

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Holistic Holiday at Sea

Did you ever fancy an all-inclusive getaway with an educational component, where you don’t have to check menus or ingredient lists to find out if what you’re eating is vegan?

Look no further than the Holistic Holiday at Sea, or what is more fondly known as the Vegan Cruise: yes, it is all vegan, all