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Mark Reinfeld Vegan Chef - teacher trainings

Chef and author Mark Reinfeld offers teacher training courses that specialize in vegan cooking, raw food preparation, gluten free and plant based diets.

Whether you are looking for a new stream of revenue, interested in doing outreach in your community, or both, please consider joining the Vegan Fusion teacher training course.

In this teacher training, we will go over all the basics of conducting a cooking class in your community. We will go over menu development, shopping list creation based on number of students and yield of recipes, advertising and promotion for the class, preparing for the class, conducting the class, working with an assistant, fielding questions and everything else that goes into conducting a successful class.

We will shop together on the second day and each participant will get to conduct a portion of the class for the others.

Mark Reinfeld Teacher Training Workshops

Mark Reinfeld Teacher Training Workshops

This teacher training is the second level of a Vegan Fusion certification program. The certification process has three levels:

Level One – successful completion of a 10-day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Intensive, or comparable real life experience preparing vegan and raw food cuisine.

Level Two – successful completion of a 3-day Vegan Fusion teacher training program.

Level Three – successful completion of the Vegan Fusion Teacher Training certification process. This level will have three tiers: 1. Single day demos and classes; 2. Two or three day workshops; and 3. Five or ten day trainings.

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What people are saying:

“Mark’s easy going and patient style made my experience of the Vegan Fusion Teacher Training positive and invaluable in terms of m confidence cooking with an audience. Mark has a natural way or offering suggestions for improvement. His sincere desire to help his students improve and gain confidence in our abilities was apparent throughout the entire training. I feel inspired after this weekend and grateful for Mark’s devotion to the vegan movement.”Rache Zgonc, Vegan Fusion Teacher Training participant

“The Vegan Fusion Teacher Training has encouraged me to go out and help others practice healthier lifestyles.”Megan Cross, Vegan Fusion Teacher Training participant

“The teacher training course was fantastic! We learned everything we would need to organize and present a cooking class. After taking turns demonstrating a recipe, I feel very confident that I could teach vegan cooking to either a few friends or a class of strangers in a relaxed and friendly way. As with all of Mark’s classes, it was fun and delicious!”Susan Hanson, Teacher Training participant

“Mark’s Vegan Fusion teacher training was an exceptional opportunity for me to find out just what I was capable of. He offered a safe environment to stretch my culinary wings as well as change how I viewed myself in the kitchen. Being able to do food demo’s in front of other students along with Mark propelled my confidence to a new level. My new-found friends were loving, kind and creative souls which added another layer of learning and authentic support. Mark is always accessible and willing to share his knowledge so that each of us can grow and pay it forward. I came to this training scared to death, I walked away knowing I can do anything I choose to. Thank you Mark!”Lisa Ward, Teacher Training participant

“Mark’s passion for teaching how to enjoy a vibrant life on a plant based diet is truly a gift to everyone who takes his courses. Whether you are a gourmet chef, a beginner in the kitchen, or looking to make healthy changes for you and your family – you must take this course! You’ll learn everything from simple tips on sustainable living in the kitchen to “I can’t believe it’s vegan” meals that will rock your world. You will leave the workshop with confidence preparing a wide variety of plant-based meals, and through the Chef Training program you can become confident in teaching others as well. And of course you’ll enjoy amazing food along the way! This course will absolutely affect your health, and life, for the better. Thank you Mark, for sharing your gift with all of us”.Kimasia Spratt, Teacher Training participant

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