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Please join us for our on-line vegan cooking training course presented by chef and author Mark Reinfeld, and specializing in the many health benefits of vegan cooking, raw food preparation, gluten free and plant based diets.


  • Cooking Healthy Lessons - video, manual and membership22 Video Cooking Lessons
  • 194 Page Manual and Cookbook
  • Webinar Trainings
  • 12 Month Membership
  • and so much more…


You will learn from our Award Winning Executive Chef, Mark Reinfeld, Founding Chef of the Blossoming Lotus restaurant, as he shows you the right techniques and dozens of secrets that are only available in our $1500 course and HERE. As Mark says, “The Best Health Care Is Self Care” and he should know after teaching hundreds of people just like you and traveling the world sharing this wisdom with all of his students.


Mark has spent over ten years creating this very special course and we know that it will help you:


  • Eliminate doubt and confusion
  • Attain your optimum health potential
  • Save money while impressing your family and friends
  • To feel better, look better and perform at your peak
  • To have more fun and feel more creative
  • To know you are making a positive impact on our planet

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This course is so good that our students line up to pay $1500 each just to attend. We’ve taught chefs, cooks, moms, students, retirees and folks just like yourself.


This entire course, the one that Mark gives in places like Belize, Hawaii, New York, France and Portland, is being offered ON-LINE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. With more bonuses and information than you can imagine, this is our way of showing appreciation for all that life has given us. PLEASE TRY THIS NOW because we all know it will transform your life forever!


The exact same course that Mark gives in spas, restaurants and retreats around the World, can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your home. It is all you need, period, as it contains:


  • The complete 22 individual videos as a professional course with many secrets never shown anywhere.


  • A 194 page manual and cookbook chock full of recipes, tips and secrets you will be amazed by.


  • Gifts, resources and treats worth hundreds of dollars.


  • Special announcement center with Webinar trainings that feature famous people we work with.


  • One Full Year FREE Membership to Cooking Healthy Lessons.


Cooking Healthy Lessons - video, manual and membershipYou’ll find that within just a few lessons, you will know why we have so many celebrities saying great things about our food. Some of these celebrities include:


Mark Reinfeld is on the cutting edge of healthy dining. This is vegan cuisine at its finest! Cher, Actress, Musician, Goddess of Pop

I love Blossoming Lotus. Food made with heart and soul. Recipes so good you will be amazed.Woody Harrelson, Actor and Activist


The best food for nourishing your body, mind and spirit. Kris Pollack, Seattle Seahawk and Chiropractor


One of my favorite places ever. Come to Portland just to eat at the Blossoming Lotus. Alicia Silverstone, Actress, Author The Kind Diet


They all give us high praise for our Cooking Healthy Lessons because we use the perfect balance of Ancient Methods and Modern Techniques. And we make it so fun and accessible, that even your kids can do it. We therefore invite you to learn more about Cooking Healthy Lessons and sign up for our membership today (http://cookinghealthylessons.com). For those who have previously signed up, please click here to login to our cooking healthy lessons membership site.


Our popular on-line cooking course teaches healthy meal preparation while integrating the many benefits of vegan, vegetarian, raw food, gluten free and plant based diets. Learn more about the founders of Vegan Fusion, Mark Reinfeld and Bo Rinaldi.[SM-Icons]

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