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Photos of our 2-day vegan workshop in New York, March, 2011.

“Mark’s expertise in the kitchen and the design of this course is outstanding. Equally important to note is the level of generosity and desire to meet everyone where they are that Mark expresses in his kind, humorous way. To me this is the most powerful inspiration for change in the world. I know that my kitchen skills have improved and so has my every day choices of how to consume and be a better humanitarian.” –Heather, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant“Your course is life-changing and I cannot thank you enough. This endeavor of yours is a great gift and desperately needed!” – Grace, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“This time we have all spent together has touched and changed me forever.” – H.C. , 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“I have had the amazing experience to be trained under award winning chef Mark Reinfeld of Vegan Fusion. I have trained in his 5-day and 10-day Culinary Immersions. I trained under him as a chef’s assistant and completed his Level Two Teacher Training as well. All of this helped me reach my own level of competence and creativity. I live in a ranch and logging community in southern Oregon. I honestly didn’t know how the community was going to respond when I reached out to my local community college, but I have had a very positive outcome! I created 8 week classes called Edible Excursions where we create dishes from a different country each week. All the classes filled up so quickly that the Community Education Department and the Culinary Department asked me to open up second classes. All my training under Mark has brought me to where I am today. Without Mark’s, compassionate, hands-on and knowledgeable approach to teaching, I probably won’t have been as inspired to come home and spread the vegan love.” – Elizabeth Arraj-Roach, up to Level 2 teacher training

“It blew my mind away and I know that I developed into a Vegan cook because of it.” – Carol Shanahan, 2-Day workshop participant

“I just completed an incredible 5-day training with Chef Mark Reinfeld. I have been vegan for over 25 years and this is some of the best plant-based cuisine I have ever experienced.” – Adena, former coordinator for Boulder Vegans MeetUp.

“Thank you for providing an excellent vegan experience. II feel that you have truly introduced me to something that I can implement into my life and I’m fairly certain that I will reap the benefits of this healthy lifestyle. ” – Heidi Reed

“Mark Reinfeld skilfully de-mystifies the art of vegan cuisine cooking! His vegan recipes assault the senses with tastes and flavours which effortlessly convert you to a vegan diet with every delicious mouthful! Mark’s course enables vegetarians to make the tiny leap to become vegan! Thank you Mark for empowering us all to create exciting fabulous cruelty- free food feasts!” – Wendy L, 2-Day workshop participant

“I am a meat eater, not a vegan, or full time vegetarian; but this was the best cookery course I have ever been on.” – Nick Trigg, 2-Day workshop participant.

“This class is exactly what I needed to jumpstart a vegan lifestyle. Mark is caring and meditative in his approach and I came away completely convinced that being a vegan is not only very do-able, but also very exciting!” – Sharon Hoffman, 3-Day Vegan Fusion workshop participant.

“I’m a food lover and I love to cook. Mark’s course was a real revelation. Being a meat eater, I had always dismissed vegetarian cooking as pretty bland – Mark proved that it needn’t be. He has some fascinating methods that turn the most normal of ingredients into something special. I can highly recommend his course and being his sous-chef too – great fun!” – Michael Groth, 2-Day workshop participant

“If you get the chance to attend a course run by Mark, TAKE IT, TAKE IT, TAKE IT or forever have missed such an opportunity to learn and experience some wonderful tastes.” – Vee Longton, 2-Day workshop participant

“Exceeded all expectations. Life changing. Do it!” – Judy Worsley, 2-Day workshop participant

“The workshop was fun, genuinely life changing and affirms the caring approach to nutrition I’ve been searching for.” – Kim Hyland, 2-Day workshop participant

“This course is brilliant, insightful and totally awesome!!” – Katie Shanahan, 2-Day workshop participant

“Mark Reinfeld starts by showing how to correctly use a knife and by the end you are empowered to improve your whole life!” – Wendy L, 3-Day workshop participant

New York 2-Day Vegan Cooking Workshop Testimonials

“Mark makes his classes fun and involves all of the students, filling the time with prepping tips, food alternatives, vegan lifestyle tips, and food facts. He is very accommodating to various dietary needs and allergies when preparing the foods to show that a vegan lifestyle can be for everyone.” – Lori Arrechea, 2-day workshop participant

“Mark is an excellent teacher. He has made the ‘world of vegan’ less intimidating and very doable. In two days, he has expanded my repertoire immensely. I am very grateful and excited to pursue this lifestyle. Its delicious!” – Paige Buonocore, 2-day workshop participant
“This is a great info to vegan and raw food cuisines. I will definitely use this as a springboard for more experimentation and lifestyle transition, as well as career development.” – Lisa Portnoff, 2-day workshop participant
“All of the food was fantastic! Great variety, thorough and comprehensive menu that illustrated many ingredients and techniques.” – Lisa Portnoff, 2-day workshop participant
“I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to the possibility of raw foods.” – Sandra Millstein, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“Mark is a very down-to-earth and approachable instructor. He takes the intimidation out of raw and vegan cooking. The only thing I wished for was more time!” – Vinni Taneja, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“This training has exceeded my expectations. These two days have been invigorating and nearly transformational. I am excited about continuing my journey toward good health and clean living through methods and ideas learned this weekend!” – Kim VanCamp, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“Perfect food, perfect instructor, perfect class. Well worth your time and money.”- Robin Malaussena, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“All of my expectations and more have been fulfilled. I walk away with more knowledge, understanding, appreciation and encouragement to continue to expand my repertoire of vegan recipes. I highly recommend a workshop with Mark for a non-vegan, as well as those already on the vegan raw food path.” – Emily Benjamin, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“I thought I would learn five recipes each session. Instead I learned how to take any recipe and personalize it!” – Phyllis Rosch, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“The 2-day course was amazing for so many reasons. Everyone had a chance to participate in the preparation of the meals. We received a great deal of tips, tricks, modifications and suggestions in addition to the the wonderful recipes. The small group setting was perfect because it fostered great sharing among all of the participants, not only of raw and vegan information, but a great deal of health and wellness suggestions and ideas as well. I would highly recommend it to everyone. I have some wonderful new like-minded friends that I know I’ll stay in touch with, including Mark, who is an amazingly informative chef!” – Doreen DiMeglio, 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

“The Vegan Fusion chef training has been a life changing experience for me. I finally have confidence to start bringing my yummy creations to family gatherings and functions. I can whip up gourmet food whenever I want now – Priceless!” – Michelle Smyth, 10-day immersion participant “Vegan Fusion will change your life!” – Megan Cross, 10-day immersion participant “Mark’s passion for food combined with his zen-like demeanor make it such a lovely and beautiful experience.” – Rachel Irvine Halliday, 10-day immersion participant


Honolulu 10-Day Vegan Cooking Training Immersion Testimonials

“The workshop was a wonderful way to explore new techniques and foods while having fun. Mark is a great teacher wit an enormous amount of knowledge and patience.” – Kaiulani Odom, 10-day Vegan Fusion cooking training immersion participant

“I know very little about cooking and this class fave me the confidence to try all kinds of new foods in the kitchen.” Mona Bernardino , 10-day Vegan Fusion cooking training immersion participant

“The raw portion of the class was very inspiring for me. It busted through walls that I had around my ideas of raw food. I feel confident to go back to my community and provide inspired and creative food and actually be coming from a place of really loving the food. Thank you!” – Michelle O’Connor, Food and Beverage Director Ashland Food Coop and 10-day Vegan Fusion cooking training immersion participant

“I cannot put a value on this training. It has and will touch and change every part of my life for the better. I have learned skills I can use cooking for my family of six or in a work environment. I have developed ideas for business and enriched my love of humanity, the environment and myself!” Lisa Ward, 10-day Vegan Fusion Cuisine cooking training intensive student

“The workshop is not only great for experienced vegans and vegetarians, but also for anybody who is just interested in healthy living. Even as a non-vegetarian, I learned so many incredible recipes that I can’t wait to try!” Aki Morita, 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine cooking training intensive student
“Thank you for teaching me new ways to nurture myself as well as my family. This 3-day workshop has been inspiring and it has awakened me from ‘going through the motions’ of preparing meals for my family. Just being able to incorporate some of the things you have taught me, as well as some of the vegan menus will serve my entire family well.” – Dawn Ellis, 3-day workshop participant

“I’ve been vegan for many years. This chef intensive has given me the confidence and hands-on experience to support my healthy lifestyle and the health of my clients. My awareness and understanding of vegan food preparation and presentation make this training a big success for me. I highly recommend it.” Rivers Cynthia Blake, 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student

“The Vegan Fusion training has provided the opportunity for me to better my health, the health of the environment, and to develop potential business opportunities. The course was so packed full of information, it’s given me a holistic base of training from which to approach food preparation. Mark is very friendly and focused on extending his knowledge to his students. The ability to interact with him and ask specific questions that I had was invaluable to my overall understanding of cooking. I feel this course was a great investment in my quality of life for generations to come! ” Kristin ten Broeck, 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student
“I was fortunate enough to attend the first Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive with Mark and Jennifer. In it, I was introduced to vegan dishes with new and exciting flavors. I am happy to say that my cooking abilities have gone up greatly, inspiring me to cook better and healthier food formy family and friends.” Kellie Pleas, 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student

“I have never had a bland meal since I attended the training!! I am now willing to experiment and take risks in my own cooking ideas showing me that I have gained a lot of cooking confidence. I am also experiencing a true shift in health as I work closely with the techniques and recipes given to me by Mark and Jennifer. My family has now committed to eating vegetarian at least five times a week and we are now drinking one green smoothie a day. I notice that when we eat out I am also choosing vegetarian food as it is just becoming what my body wants. This is just the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship with vegan foods and flavor-filled cooking.” Victoria Markham, Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student
“Thank you so much for such an awesome, transformational, enriching, class! All the info is really beginning to set in and I am having so much fun with food and the kitchen! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and appreciated the course! The world of food and cooking has a whole new set of glasses to look through….I get the biggest joy out of creating something yummy and sharing it with my family.

Walking into the health food store is a totally different, amazing experience full of ideas, fun, and inspiration. The course runs much deeper than on the surface, and will be enriching loved ones and myself for a lifetime and more! Mahalo Nui Loa for spreading your love and passion of Vegan Cuisine” Fawne Frailey, Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student
“This has been such a transforming experience. The knowledge that I have gained and the people that I was able to share this time with – it has been such a blessing. It is truly amazing, the power of ten days. I feel excited. I feel inspired. I feel ALIVE. Thank you!” Kelly Hollins, Seattle Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student

“Taking this class brings each recipe and chapter of Mark’s books alive and you are able to learn first hand all the details and special tricks to make each dish special. This is a truly unique opportunity to learn from a master chef the reason why The 30-Minute Vegan made the Amazon top 100 selling book list. Mark is precise, clear and calm in showing us the way of making absolutely extraordinary vegan meals. Every day is spent in a fun and engaging learning environment. Mahalo Mark!” Dave Niekerk, Seattle Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student
“I learned a ton about how to prepare a wide variety of delicious vegan food during the Vegan Fusion Intensive and had a blast while doing it! I’m grateful to Mark for designing such a thorough course – the passion he has for the course materials shines through in his teaching. I definitely made the right decision to attend this course!” Katie Cain, 10-day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive participant

My two weeks spent at Vegan Fusion classes offered an amazing array of plant-based recipes alongside a comprehensive vegan culinary education. From soups and salads, to grains and beans, cooked foods and raw, I have learned more about vegan food preparation than I ever thought possible in such a short time. Mark is a most talented chef, who brings wit and creativity to the kitchen and much nourishment to the table. And the best part has been in the eating! Diana Blend, 10-day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive participant

“Having been a professional chef on luxury yachts for the last eight years, I felt pretty comfortable preparing food for most cuisines and dietary restrictions, and thought this would be a fun way to get a few more recipes under my belt. This class was so much more, with a cloud sized dollop of inspiration on top! I learned so many helpful techniques and flavor combinations that I have already started creating recipes and writing my own vegan cookbook. I can not say enough about Mark’s kind and thorough teaching or my awesome classmates. Learning, laughing, eating, cooking, coming together and sharing – I’m tempted to do the class again, just for kicks!” Nicole Poirier, Seattle Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student
“Three days goes by way too fast! I am truly inspired and motivated to delve into recipes i did not previously consider. My new motto after this workshop is NO FEAR. This was an amazing and unforgettable opportunity that I plan to never forget (at least until my mind fades).” Jo Tozzi, 3-day workshop participant

The training is inspiring, delicious, easy and fun. Who knew vegan cooking could be taken to such an extraordinary level. Mark is a genius with food!” Shelly Triplet, 2-day workshop participant

“Like making meals for a 5-star restaurant” Becky Moody, 2-day workshop participant

“Mark is a fabulous instructor and chef. His relaxed style is very conducive to learning. He covers a wide array of recipes from all over the world. I’ve taken bot the 10-day chef training and the holiday workshop. I would highly recommend any of his trainings – and cookbooks!” Edith Schultz, 2-day workshop participant and 10-day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive participant

“The training far exceeded my expectations. I am not an experienced cook and I felt comfortable with all of the recipes.” Sierra Modro, 2-day workshop participant

“This is an amazing course, especially for a non-vegan to realize how good vegan food really is!” Emma Kettering, 2-day workshop participant

“Mark demystifies vegan and raw food preparation techniques making healthy eating accessible, which is just what the general public needs.” Corinne Loveland, 2-day workshop participant

“Mark has created a great 2-day workshop that is great for vegans and non-vegans alike. My mother and I traveled to Colorado from Portland and it was worth every penny! Thanks Mark!” Theresa Heim-Stohler, 2-day workshop participant

Maui December 2-Day Workshop

“Outstanding teaching, food, atmosphere and group. I feel confident to take my new skills into everyday food preparation and cooking with JOY! Exciting tips that truly are worth the price of admission.” – Ann Pauini, 2-Day Vegan Fusion Workshop participant

“Entertaining, educational and likely life changing!” – Julie Macinnes, 2-Day Vegan Fusion Workshop participant

“The two-day Vegan Fusion workshop was pleasantly fulfilling, satisfying and delicious! Thank you for sharing your experience, ideas, and holistic approach to food and nutrition.” – Lisa Tojo, 2-Day Vegan Fusion Workshop participant

 “I encourage everyone to try eating vegan because the food is extraordinary! Mark’s teaching style is warm and welcoming, and most of all, non-intimidating.” – Kim Rogers, 2-Day Vegan Fusion Workshop participant

Portland 10-day Immersion

“The class will give you nutritional knowledge, a myriad of vegan and raw food preparations tips and lessons, confidence, and enough experience that you can return home to your kitchen and begin to prepare professional, tasty, attractive and nutritional meals for self, family, and friends. It is a must do!” – Donna Nikzi, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“The Vegan Fusion immersion is excellent for all levels from beginner cook to advanced chef! Mark is really easy going and knowledgable and created a super relaxed learning environment.” – Darby Jack, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“May you be blessed as you bless us with your gift of feeding and educating. I am forever changed!” – Val, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“I learned so much and you have a very special spirit for teaching” – Barb, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“Thanks for such an inspirational course! Your humor and easy going attitude made it a truly wonderful learning experience.”- D.J., 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“Thank you for giving me wings to fly in my kitchen and out in the world. Bringing the message of compassion, nutrition and tantalizing taste. You are so appreciated!- D.N., 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

“We have been fed wonderful food and enough knowledge to prepare a lifetime of banquets and with delightful camaraderie. Thank you for the precious time you honored us with. -S.B., 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant

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