Welcome to our Vegan Fusion Cuisine 5 day vegan cooking workshop trainings.

10 Day Vegan Cooking Class Training Immersions


Please join us for a 5-day cooking immersion into the world of vegan and raw food cuisine. Prepare to transform your life and take your cooking abilities to the next level! These hands-on experiential workshop immersions help you gain greater confidence in the kitchen as you learn new vegan and raw food preparation tips and tricks, that will enhance your culinary skills. Save money by learning how to prepare more delicious and healthy cuisine, as you deepen your knowledge of the healing qualities of vegan foods. Discover new ideas for presenting your dishes, transforming an ordinary meal into a gourmet experience. In addition our 5 day cooking class immersions facilitate a wonderful and empowering connection with other like minded people.

Whether you are an experienced chef, looking to get a job in the vegan restaurant industry, or simply a curious foodie interested in deepening your knowledge of vegan foods, you can learn from a pro how to prepare healthy world-class vegan cuisine! This is a life transforming experience and special opportunity to study intensely with Mark Reinfeld, the founding chef of the Blossoming Lotus.

Sample 5 Day Vegan Cooking Immersion

Day 1. Vegan Soups/ Salads & Dressings.
Day 2. The World of Grains and Beans/Tofu, Tempeh & Seitan Dishes.
Day 3. Casseroles and Sauces/Wraps, Spreads, Sandwiches and Rolls.
Day 4. Vegan Desserts/Raw Cuisine 1 – Smoothies, Pates, Pasta & Pudding.
Day 5. Raw Cuisine 2 – Elixirs, Soups, Plant Cheeses, Ravioli, Parfaits & Ice Cream/Raw Cuisine 3 – Nut and Seed Milks, Granola, Pizza, Tacos, Live Pies.

Upcoming 5 Day Workshops…

Denver, CO 5-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion – November 6th-10th 2017

A 5 Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion


We are very

Denver, CO 5-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion – April 17th-21st 2017

A 5 Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion


We are very

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What people are saying:

“This class was so much more, with a cloud sized dollop of inspiration on top! I learned so many helpful techniques and flavor combinations that I have already started creating recipes and writing my own vegan cookbook. I can not say enough about Mark’s kind and thorough teaching or my awesome classmates. Learning, laughing, eating, cooking, coming together and sharing – I’m tempted to do the class again, just for kicks!”Nicole Poirier, Seattle Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student

“This has been such a transforming experience. The knowledge that I have gained and the people that I was able to share this time with – it has been such a blessing. It is truly amazing, the power of ten days. I feel excited. I feel inspired. I feel ALIVE. Thank you!”Kelly Hollins, Seattle Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student

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