Welcome to our Vegan Fusion Cuisine 10 day vegan cooking workshop trainings.

10 Day Vegan Cooking Class Training Immersions
Please join chef and author Mark Reinfeld for his upcoming programs, specializing in vegan cooking, raw food preparation, gluten free and plant based diets. Please review our upcoming vegan cooking training courses below.

Through the practice of the techniques, you will feel a renewed confidence in your ability to create unique recipes by the end of the program. The goal is for everyone to be able to look at a recipe (vegan and non-vegan) and come up with several original creations using the recipe as a starting point.

Another one of our goals is to have you think about food in a different way. You will learn about different ethnic cuisines and discover the vast array of delicious vegan food. We will also provide some nutritional information that will demonstrate that all of the body’s nutritional needs can be met, and that you will be able to thrive on a vegan diet.

Each day of the course will begin with a discussion of the day’s lesson. We will discuss each recipe, how it can be used (appetizer, side dish, entrée, etc.) and its possible variations. We will also cover various topics such as nutrition education, ethics/environmental effects/sociological impact of our food choices. We will then move into the kitchen, where we will work together as a team to prepare the day’s recipes. As we do so, we will also creatively present and plate the food. Next comes the best part (of course) when we sit down for a vegan feast with all of the dishes we prepared. We end with clean up, a discussion of the day’s work, and share feedback and suggestions based on your experience. Finally there will be time to go over the lesson exam.

Sample 10 Day Vegan Cooking Immersion

Day 1. Preparation basics and vegan soups
Day 2. Salads and dressings
Day 3. The world of grains and beans
Day 4. Tofu, tempeh and seitan dishes
Day 5. Casseroles and sauces
Day 6. Wraps, sandwiches, rolls and spreads
Day 7. Healthy desserts
Day 8. Raw Cuisine 1: smoothies, pates, pasta and pudding
Day 9. Raw Cuisine 2: juices, elixirs, soups, plant cheeses, ravioli, lasagna & live pies
Day 10. Raw Cuisine 3: Nut and seed milks, granola, pizza, parfaits & ice cream

Upcoming 10 Day Workshops…

  • Portland Deer

Portland, Oregon 10-Day Vegan Fusion Culinary Immersion, May 2, 2016.

We are excited to announce that we will be offering our 10 day class in Portland, Oregon. Please join us

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What people are saying:

“The Vegan Fusion chef training has been a life changing experience for me. I finally have confidence to start bringing my yummy creations to family gatherings and functions. I can whip up gourmet food whenever I want now – Priceless!”Michelle Smyth, 10-day immersion participant

“Vegan Fusion will change your life!”Megan Cross, 10-day immersion participant

“Mark’s passion for food combined with his zen-like demeanor make it such a lovely and beautiful experience.”Rachel Irvine Halliday, 10-day immersion participant

“This has been such a transforming experience. The knowledge that I have gained and the people that I was able to share this time with – it has been such a blessing. It is truly amazing, the power of ten days. I feel excited. I feel inspired. I feel ALIVE. Thank you!” Kelly Hollins, Seattle Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student

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