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Mark Reinfeld - vegan chef and authorChef and author Mark Reinfeld offers cooking classes, workshops, immersions, teacher trainings, culinary tours, retreats and on-line courses. They are presented in both Central and North America, as well as Europe. His Vegan Fusion Cuisine specializes in vegan, vegetarian, raw food, gluten free and healthy plant-based diets.

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Lisa Ward: “I cannot put a value on this training. It has and will touch and change every part of my life for the better.” 10-day vegan cooking workshop student

Deepak Chopra: “I heartily recommend Vegan Fusion World Cuisine for anyone seeking a healthier, more inspired life.”

Emily Benjamin: “All of my expectations and more have been fulfilled. I walk away with more knowledge, understanding, appreciation and encouragement to continue to expand my repertoire of vegan recipes. I highly recommend a workshop with Mark for a non-vegan, as well as those already on the vegan raw food path.” 2-day vegan cooking workshop participant

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Feel free to review our vegan cooking class participant testimonials, video testimonials, photos, frequently asked questions and our schedule of events calendar. If you have any further questions about our vegan cooking classes, please contact Mark directly.


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Looking for the best way to regain your “Personal Power” today, without waiting for a Vegan Fusion event near you?

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