The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Eating Raw

by Mark Reinfeld, Jennifer Murray and Bo Rinaldi


More people than ever are turning to a raw food diet. In this guide, readers will find the secrets to raw food weight loss; how raw foods can heal the body and boost energy and enthusiasm; information on the anti-aging properties of raw food; a comprehensive resource guide to businesses, websites and groups that support the raw lifestyle and 100+ recipes that show how raw foods can be combined into delectable meals.

Recently published studies indicate that rheumatoid and fibromyalgia patients – who number in the millions – can benefit from an uncooked vegan diet rich in antioxidants, lactobacilli, and fiber. The Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Raw fully explains the benefits of this increasingly popular diet choice, plus presents a mini cookbook that gets readers started on their new regimen.


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The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Eating Raw Cookbook Testimonials


Woody Harrelson – “Recipes so good, you may want to eat this book!”

David Wolfe “I love this book! Now we know that raw foods are able to take complete idiots and turn them into total geniuses! Great recipes! Wow!” Author of The Sunfood Diet Success System and  Eating For Beauty, founder of,, and the non-profit



Brendan Brazier – “The Complete Idiots Guide to Eating Raw is ideal for anyone looking to seamlessly adopt eating habits that will benefit overall health and boost athletic performance.” Pro Ironman triathlete and best selling author of The Thrive Diet



Erik Marcus – “I’ve seen a lot of raw foods books over the years, but none has left me so impressed.”


Reader Reviews From…



“The most informative, readable, and complete book I’ve ever seen on becoming a Raw Vegan.” S.Z.



“One of the best “cook” books I’ve seen about raw foods. The recipes are tantalizing and delicious and the information is very accessible for everyone.” B.A.



“It’s like having a friend explain lots of little facts as well as some biggies, in a fun to read manner. I’d buy it again if I didn’t already own it!” Shelli



“Superb — Get Ready to Go Raw!” A.E.



“Since getting this book, I’ve done nothing but spread the word. It’s just simply put the best informational material for the average person.” K.N.



“I have many, many books and e-books about the raw diet, lifestyle, etc. and this one deserves a place on the beginner’s bookshelf as well as on the experienced raw fooder’s shelf. Great recipes. Good work!” Tina



“As the owner of a raw cafe and wellness center, I would say this is one of the best raw books I have found so far for my customers! It offers a good overall explanation of the living foods lifestyle and wonderful recipes. Would and do recommend it to beginners and all raw foodies in between!!” – Kim Hostetter, owner Almond Blossom



“Informative, Practical – Earns a Raw Gold Star!” C.R.



“I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to add more raw foods into their daily diet.”J.R.



“This is a fabulous book for ANYONE looking into raw food. A great reminder for those who’ve been raw-foodists and why they choose it in the first place as well as a comprehensive first for those curious. I highly recommend this easily read and informative guide!” M.C.