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Online Cooking Healthy Lessons

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For a larger viewing window, please click here to play our introductory video…Our on-line healthy cooking classes offer video instruction based upon Mark Reinfeld’s popular Vegan Fusion Cuisine training programs. This educational resource includes a 12 month membership, 22 cooking videos, 194 page manual and cookbook, webinars, resources and so much more. To sign up please go directly to our Cooking Healthy Lessons membership website.

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Mark Reinfeld
Author of the best selling cookbooks The 30 Minute Vegan, The 30 Minute Vegan's Taste Of The East, The Idiot's Guide To Eating Raw and Vegan Fusion World Cuisine. He offers vegan, gluten free and raw food recipe development and consulting, as well as cooking classes, workshops, trainings and retreats.

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Online Cooking Classes - CULÄ°NARY SCHOOLS – CULÄ°NARY SCHOOLS » 18. Apr, 2011

[...] Cooking Healthy Lessons – online vegan cooking classes …Description : Cooking Healthy Lessons – a video series, training webinars, manual and 12 month membership program with chef and author Mark Reinfeld, specializing in healthy vegan, vegetarian, raw food, gluten free and plant based diets. .. [...]

Nancy McCurdy » 02. Mar, 2013

Mr. Reinfeld,

I have always had a desire to eat a vegetarian diet – but have been afraid to for many reasons. Poor nutrition being the top of the list. Does you online course address nutritional balance and is it appropriate for beginners with no experience (except that I am a good cook and understand cooking). Thank you, Nancy McCurdy

Thomas Hussey » 08. Jan, 2012

with the 79 dollar cooking course..would we get hardcopys of the books and vidios sent to us? can you please give me an outline of the package. I am a Chef of over 20 years, and have been vegan for over a year… and I love this idea..i have heard alot about your work…We live out in the sticks of British columbia and our internet access is very limitted, so we would like to know how this information is sent to us and everything that is included… thank you in advance ..Thomas

Avis Gnewuch » 31. Jan, 2013

How do I renew my membership in the Cooking Healthy Lessons Program? The website says my Membership has expired?