Please join us for our Vegan Fusion World Cuisine 10 day cooking immersion in San Diego, CA, December 3rd – 7th and 10th – 14th, 2012.



A 10 Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersion

We are very excited to be heading to La Costa in North County San Diego, CA to offer our popular 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Immersion there. Prepare to transform your life and take your cooking abilities to the next level! Please join us in California for a two-week immersion into the world of vegan and raw food cuisine.

  • Experience greater confidence in the kitchen
  • Save money by learning how to prepare more delicious and healthy cuisine on your own
  • Learn new tips and tricks that will greatly enhance your culinary abilities
  • Connect with others who share a similar interest in vegan and raw foods
  • Deepen your knowledge of the healing qualities of vegan foods
  • Discover new ideas for presentation that will transform an ordinary meal to a gourmet experience


Whether you are an experienced cook, looking to get a job in the vegan restaurant industry, or simply interested in deepening your knowledge of vegan, vegetarian and raw foods, you can learn from the pros how to prepare healthy world-class vegan cuisine! This is a life transforming experience and special opportunity to study intensely with Mark Reinfeld, the founding chef of the Blossoming Lotus Restaurant, winner of the 2006 ‘Ilima Award for “Best Restaurant on Kaua’i”. Classes will be taught in an intimate setting where all of your questions about vegan food preparation will be answered.


Week 1

Monday: Vegan Soups

Tuesday: Salads & Dressings

Wednesday: The World of Grains and Beans

Thursday: Tofu, Tempeh & Seitan Dishes

Friday: Casseroles and Sauces


Week 2

Monday: Wraps, Spreads, Sandwiches and Rolls

Tuesday: Vegan Desserts

Wednesday: Raw Cuisine 1 Smoothies, Pates, Pasta & Pudding

Thursday: Raw Cuisine 2 Elixirs, Soups, Plant Cheeses, Ravioli, Parfaits & Ice Cream

Friday: Raw Cuisine 3 Nut and Seed Milks, Granola, Pizza, Tacos, Live Pies


Hours: 11AM – 4PM Monday thru Friday


Includes special gifts, daily gourmet vegan feasts and the Vegan Fusion Cuisine chef training manual.

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10 Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine Cooking Immersions

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