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2-day-new-york-vegan-cooking-workshop-march-2011-16-225px“Mark’s expertise in the kitchen and the design of this course is outstanding. Equally important to note is the level of generosity and desire to meet everyone where they are that Mark expresses in his kind, humorous way. To me this is the most powerful inspiration for change in the world. I know that my kitchen skills have improved and so has my every day choices of how to consume and be a better humanitarian.” —Heather, 10-day Vegan Fusion immersion participant


“The workshop was a wonderful way to explore new techniques and foods while having fun. Mark is a great teacher with an enormous amount of knowledge and patience.” —Kaiulani Odom, 10-day Vegan Fusion cooking training immersion participant

“I was fortunate enough to attend the first Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive with Mark. In it, I was introduced to vegan dishes with new and exciting flavors. I am happy to say that my cooking abilities have gone up greatly, inspiring me to cook better and healthier food for my family and friends.” —Kellie Pleas, 10-Day Vegan Fusion Cuisine intensive student
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Vegan Fusion Vision

Through our cookbooks, trainings, consulting services, retreats and our online course, we aspire to empower people to take their health back into their own hands. Please read Mark’s articles Plant-Based Living is the Healing of the Nations and Earth Day Every Day – Going Green with Vegan Cuisine to learn more about why we do what we do.

Our Mission is to promote the benefits of the vegan lifestyle for the preservation of our health and the environment and to create a more peaceful world.

Teaching others how to prepare stellar vegan cuisine is our way of bringing about positive change on the planet – a change that can be felt immediately and for generations to come.

What Folks Are Saying

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Vegan Fusion In The News

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Why Choose Us

Chef, author and consultant Mark Reinfeld has been developing innovative vegan and raw food recipes for over 20 years. His clients include:

Atkins Nutritionals
Vegetarian Times Magazine
The Peninsula Spa, New York, NY
Credit Suisse/First Boston, New York, NY
Lackmann Culinary Services, New York, NY
Pacific Coast Greens, Malibu, CA
Aspen’s Explore Bistro, Aspen, CO

What Client’s Say

Deepak Chopra Endorsement“I heartily recommend Vegan Fusion World Cuisine for anyone seeking a healthier, inspired and more peaceful life.”
Deepak Chopra
Pierce Brosnan endorsement of Mark Reinfeld“I wish The Blossoming Lotus great success. They make the most wonderful food with the greatest of heart and their cookbook is a beautiful gift for all of us interested in healthy living.”
Pierce Brosnan
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